Where does your story begin?

Everyone has a story to tell. The story of your childhood neighbor might start off very familiar and then become something completely unknown to you after years of separation. Your spouse’s story might have started off very different from your own, but now it is so intertwined with yours that you can’t remember when it was foreign to you. We were all born in the village, town, farm, or city we were for reasons that aren’t easy to articulate. Our lives have gone in the directions they have for reasons within and outside of our control. Whether we have been here for generations, a couple decades, or months, we all are part of the strong fabric of our community.  This page is dedicated to the people we know and have met here in the rural communities of Southeastern Minnesota and West Central Wisconsin and how our stories intersect and share common threads.


If you head out to the farm where Roberto works, it will be hard to find him in one specific spot. He could be working in the shop, fixing the roof of the barn after a hail storm, or filling in for a co-worker in the milking parlor. He said he [...]


If you ever show up to the town of Waumandee recycling center during any of the four hours it is open every week, Charlie will be there to help you and he will most definitely have a smile and a story to share. Charlie was born on a farm in [...]


The beauty of living in an agricultural community like ours is that many people can tell you when their grandparents, great parents, or even great great grandparents came and settled here. The bonds feel strong because people can go back a few generations and find the connections to each other [...]