Welcome, whether you are a newcomer or long-time resident in our area. In an effort to help people be informed and to understand how services and systems work in our community, we have created a resource guide. It includes the following information, specific to Wisconsin and Minnesota:

  • Health care
  • Workers rights
  • Driving and handing legal matters
  • Immigration system
  • Food shelf and pantries
  • Miscellaneous information

You will notice differences in the rules, services, customs, and expectations of residents between each state and between the US and your home country, if you are a newcomer. We know that it is not easy getting used to the customs and expectations of a community and hope this information guides you well. We are glad you are here and we are grateful for your contributions to our community.


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We want to extend our sincerest gratitude to everyone that contributed to this guide and made the project possible.

To Jaime and Shaun Duvall for their revisions and enthusiasm and dedication to collecting loads of information and making sure that everything was as accurate as possible.

To Madison Redding (and the Latin American Studies Department at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire) for believing in this project and her countless hours of initial translations.

To Viviana Limón-Chamaco for her impeccable work in translating more content and always being willing to help out.

And to everyone in our community that provides these valuable resources and works every day to keep creating a strong community that helps everybody.