We believe it is really important to welcome newcomers to our community and help them learn about the differences between their home community and our community. Here in western Wisconsin and southeastern Minnesota, we share a lot of history and traditions, but there are also notable differences in the rules of each state, in the services offered, and in the expectations of the residents of each state. Just like how every family has different traditions, these systems in place probably vary greatly from other parts of the world and even other parts of the country. We know that it is not easy to get used to the customs and expectations of a new community and we want everyone to feel welcomed.

Therefore, we have created this guide to services available. It includes information about our health care system, how it functions and who is eligible, to rules of the road, to our justice system. We want everyone that is living in our community to have the opportunity to be informed and understand a bit about how our systems work so they can be a part of our community as much as possible. We are grateful for your contributions to our community and we want your stay here to be as fruitful as possible for you and for us.

Health Care
Worker Rights
Driving and Handling Legal Matters
Immigration System
Food Shelf & Pantries
Miscellaneous Information