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The beauty of living in an agricultural community like ours is that many people can tell you when their grandparents, great parents, or even great great grandparents came and settled here. The bonds feel strong because people can go back a few generations and find the connections to each other [...]

2016 & 2017 Trips

In addition to visiting families in Veracruz, we were able to travel to Huachinango, in the northern part of the state of Puebla for the first time. There, we had the privilege of getting a tour of a piece of land bought by an employee [...]

2005-2015 Trips

2005-2015 More transformative experiences took place as students from the UW-River Falls Dairy Science program, public health professionals, DATCP professionals, pastors, and new dairy producers participated in immersion trips.

The Pioneer Trips

The first trips, starting in 2001, were taken with dairy producers who had the opportunity to attend a language school in Cuernavaca in the state of Morelos and later in Buenavista de Cuellar in the state of Guerrero. In addition to learning some Spanish and understanding the challenge of beginning to grasp a [...]