We visited over 15 families of employees that were currently working or have worked on local dairy farms. During these visits, we asked families if there was a message they’d like us to deliver to their loved one. One father said, “Tell him that we love him a lot and to behave himself.” Through tears, one wife told us, “Tell him I miss him so much and that I want him to come home soon.” Another father said, “Tell him he is lucky to have such a good boss and that he needs to take care of his job and do it well.” The most common phrase though, that we heard from mothers and wives and fathers, was hands-down: “We love him and we miss him.”

One of the families that opened their home to us has a son that works on a dairy farm near Rushford. The son and his wife and children go to a church there that has accepted newcomers to their community with open arms. One church member who has formed a close relationship with him and other individuals from Mexico came on the trip. During our visit to his house, his mother grasped her hands, looked her in the eye, and said “It means so much that you have welcomed my son like you have. I have not been able to see him for 15 years, but you have acted like his mother over there and I am so grateful for how you have taken him under your wing. I entrust my son to you and I know that you will take good care of him.”